Are all captain america helmets different from each movie?


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Hi i need help so i am looking to get a captain america helmet from jordan armory and i am looking for one that will accommodate several of my capt cosplays
i already have the civil war suit and looking to get the stealth suit from whitesheepleather and looking to expand that cosplay to even endgame i was wondering from winter soldier to endgame has the design of the helmet been any different or has it been the same because i looked at endgame theres a slight difference in the silver trimming on the sides. Any recommendations?


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I have one on order from him. I believe Winter Soldier is the only one that is different. It doesn't have the full wing painted silver, just the inside recessed area. That's the only difference he pointed out to me. You can ask Jordan for more pictures of the helmets.


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Short answer is yes but hardly noticeable from Age of Ultron onward.
The S.T.R.I.K.E. helmet has a different paint job and is the most distinctive of the 4.
Civil War is the same as Ultron with generally more muted colors to make the silver parts pop out.
The Endgame helmet is actually a complete retool with reworked, more pronounced, raised textures on the sides and a new chin cup. The paintjob is different too with a lighter, silvery wash on the textured parts and a deeper, darker blue for the rest of the helmet.
But again it’s not consistent from one scene to another as Marvel has the habit to reuse props and costumes from previous movies and sometime change them digitally in post.

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