Archive 81 on Netflix


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Working my way through Archive 81, an 8 episode horror series on Netflix. Very enjoyable so far - a slow burner with significant Lovecraftian overtones. A guy who makes his living restoring damaged copies of various tape media for a museum is hired by a mysterious corporation to restore a number of video tapes created by a doctoral student as part of her thesis, studying a decidedly odd community in a historic block of New York apartments. The block of apartments, The Visser, were destroyed by fire. Well written and acted in my opinion. Anyone else watching it?


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I finished it a few days ago.. it’s pretty good but that’s all I’ll say. Definitely an interesting show..


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Yes I got this as a recommendation as well and binged it over a few nights, Loved it, but felt a bit like Stranger Things, Look forward to the next season.


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Enjoyed this. The paper prop board is going to be full for a while on the back of this. Major Lovecraftian themes. Some pretty cool props too!!!!

Sluis Van Shipyards

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Very cool series! It sucks that we'll probably have to wait a year for season 2! I'm guessing in a week or so the Kalego (sp?) statues will start appearing along with the Vos cult masks.


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Two episodes in and I bailed. I can't find myself mustering to care for the mystery or the main lead. I find them both just flat and uninteresting and the horror really lacking any mystery or suspense. It feels all so clumsy.


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Also bailed after four episodes. The overall mystery aspect isn't super engaging and I feel nothing for these characters. The protagonist is supposed to be hyper paranoid but not a single action of his back this up.


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Just finished the first series, really enjoyed it. Loved the style. definitely riffing off the Lovecraft themes.

Egon Spengler

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I have to say, I'm upset it's cancelled, but at the same time I'm not upset because the end was still satisfying. I'd rather it end as it did than continue and have a crappier end.

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