Arc! Who goes there? Reactor. Reactor, who?

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    I have been working on new and improved ways to make an arc reactor. I hope this helps folks. Maybe you have a better way, I'd love to hear it.
    I started with THIS design for an arc reactor, 12 holes, 10 struts. arc_reactor__iron_man__wallpaper_by_moon_dazzle-d656jfy.png

    Next, I cut some 0.06 pieces of aluminum sheet into 4 inch squares. I drilled a 1/4" center hole and a side #6 screw hole so the plates would be anchored.
    Next I made a thick radial guide for the holes and the struts. 1radius.jpg
    And I used a guide with midlines for reference to drill holes and trace out struts. 4radius1012.jpg

    Then I drilled and band sawed the holes n struts.
    5radiusholes.jpg 6radiusholesnice.jpg 8radiusstrutss.jpg 10radiusfilestimes.jpg

    NExt I used a hole saw to etch weakspots in the struts and bend to fit a 3" ID (inner diameter) 3.5"OD (Outer diameter aluminum pipe.
    StarBendend.jpg and used a hole saw to cut out the center. I then used very another sheet of very thin aluminum to make guides for LEDs.

    Put aluminum foil around them, then used clear epoxy, mixed with glow in the dark blue powder to seal.
    After the colored epoxy set, put the whole thing, blue wheel with LEDs and bent stars into the aluminum pipe and use clear epoxy to finish. Starbent.jpg

    The blue LEDs seem to charge up the solar powered, glow in the dark powder/dye I used in the bottom layer of epoxy.

    HERE is the powder I used

    Here is the LED string I used...

    If you want an arc reactor without wires, the glow in the dark blue powder works so so. Have a uv charging bay nearby
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    examples of DUN-ness Depending on how deep you have the center ring, it may not light up as well. Also, used loctite CLEAR epoxy to embed these. lit.jpg litup.jpg

    NINJA EDIT : The newer arcs are beefier because I was asked to make em beefier. Original next to beefier differences.jpg
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    Very nicely done my friend...GM
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    Very pretty.

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