Arc Reactor v1.0 Inner structure question

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Ok, first thread...

So i'm looking at building a V1 Arc Reactor, but probably not one that sits inside a "Proof That Tony Stark Has A Heart" stand, but rather an "in use" version. Some parts are going to be crafted manually, and some parts i'm going to have to get laser cut, because I don't have the facilities to do certain things where I currently live (cutting the acrylic for the outer ring for one, making the small brass rings etc)

So my question is one of inner structure. I'm going to try and draw it out so I don't confuse myself, but my question basically relates to whether or not i've got this right: (ignore the scale/sizings of stuff, it's just for layout)


Reading some other threads, I see that jason_ehl uses a chassis section: This isn't shown on my diagram because I think it's a little beyond my skills at the moment, so I was wondering if anyone else had done it a different way? My thinking was to use the Acrylic "diffuser" plate (marked as "3" on my diagram), and have the capacitors (in blue) coming off that, or would that make the inside of the reactor rather bare?

It's a little difficult to know what to do with the lower inner section, as alot of the existing threads seem to relate to wearable reactors, which (correct me if i'm wrong), bunch up a little? At least, a wearable arc reactor replica appears to be about 3/4" deep, but looking at the screen used reference images, the depth of the brass rings seems a fair bit more than that?


Secondly, I would be planning to fit the electronics into the space at "1", and have LEDs diffuse through the acrylic at "3", which should provide adequate lighting. However with the Capacitors attached to that layer, would I be better off having LEDs somehow in the outer ring at "4", incase insufficient light gets to that point?

Cheers for any ideas/responses I get. I'll be putting a log up as I build this thing, once i've ironed out all the sticking points I have with the design (you know what they say, measure twice, cut once.)

...ignore "2". It was for a question I answered myself :p
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You're off to a good start there with your plan... very nice:):thumbsup

I just wanna know what do you mean exactly about "in use"?... does it simply means WEARABLE?... If so, then how thick will be the whole assembly on your design?

If you are to compress everything to a 3/4" thickness then you have to remove some parts that are hidden anyways when put on... like the lower part details has to go including the dangling wire...

I will soon be making this wearable version 1 arc reactor and will follow your thread with great interest...:D

What I had finished building was the version 3...

Keep it up man...



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Thanks for the responses guys :)

When I say "in use" I mean when it's finished it'll sit just on a plinth like the one in the reference picture above, i.e. without the Pepper Potts display ring, but with the fins on the back, rather than a wearable one.

I do LOVE Jason Eli's reactor. It was his build that I was using for reference, however it's mainly just the chassis section (the portion that the capacitors sit in) that stumps me on my build, because I have no way of replicating that without getting very complex with styrene...although maybe I should give it a go anyway, try and come up with something a bit simpler but will still bulk up the interior of the AR more than just the brass rings and capacitors alone...

pRoJectEarth7: your thread for the version 3 was the first one I came across...Looks fantastic and you've got some really nice reference pictures. I'm tempted to have a go at building one of those first, just to get me back in the swing of things :) It's been AGES since i've done any prop work >.<

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So I went out on Friday and bought some more tools. I'm basically starting from scratch again with regards to prop-building with this build. I used to build stuff about 7/8 years ago, but most of the tools I used then either belonged to my father, who now lives 200 miles away, or have broken/gone missing.

So first things first, bought myself a nice big cutting mat, scalpel, some metal rules and clamps. I've got a dremel stored somewhere in my parents loft, so at some point i'll have to get my hands on that, however as i've not really got anywhere to use it at the moment, it'll have to wait...

I also went and bought a crapload of styrene/plasticard/whatever you want to call it. I am now planning on building a variant of the inner chassis similar to jason_ehl's, however it'll probably be simpler to accomodate the fact that i'll be using styrene to build it. I imagine i'll knock a prototype together some time this week, or at least draw up some more plans for it.

Pictures will follow when i've actually done something... I'll also update the initial plan link once I get home (as I changed hosts over the weekend to move away from the P.I.T.A. that is GoDaddy...)

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