Arc Reactor parts


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I am looking to build one and there are a few items I am still looking for. One is the center ring (with the holes, made of metal)

This guy made this with everything from home depot. But I can't figure out what he used?


Also, would the Resin at AC more be good enough to make the outer ring from?

thank you!


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:lol I meant to say that it was not an actual ring being used. That probably wasn't the best choice of words. It's actually not a bad idea.


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WOW Printed?! That's a great idea! Can you put up a side view? How thick is the prop? In the movie its about..... 2" maybe? Aren't the tap lights pretty thin?


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This isnt mine. I found it online..but it is convincing isnt it?

Taplights can get pretty thick. He used the Hampton Bay Tap Light two pack
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