Arc Reactor dimensions Help!


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Hi everyone, i'm searching for right, original dimension of the Arc Reactor, like the one that Pepper gives to Tony in the movie. I want to make a replica.


Which is the diameter of the bright ring? And the diameter of the outer metal ring that says "Proof that Tony Stark has a heart".

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I cut one out of 'Dibond' Aluminium/plastic composite and applied vinyl letters. I made this PDF, it should be to 1:1 scale when printed. View attachment Proof Ring.pdf
There is a lathed aluminium piece that the light ring and kind of the whole thing sits into.


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When I built mine I made the center ring 3" in diameter. It's a number I got from several other build threads, and between the screenshots from the film and my own finished project it's definitely the right number. Good luck!


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i hope this doesnt count as necro posting but just wanted to say thank you for this. the PDF was a big help and gave me the one measurement i needed to get my own build back on track.
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