Ara'Saona Yautja HUNTRESS (WIP 2019) For a client


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Greetings Yautja brothers! :D I have been asked to make a huntress, a female character head sculpt and everything ''THAT I can do'' for a client's wife....It is my first time to make a female Yautja character so I will do my best is what i have so far for the project....a sketch and a beginning of the head sculpt...I thought about buying more clay and things to create the molds... I also will buy a 3D printer to make parts of her armor....
thanks buddy ..I already found Machiko helmet to buy on the internet....And planning to buy a 3D printer next month or in 2 months so i can make the armor parts with it ..... without having to import EVA foam.... ;)
Hello girls and guys i trimed the head Ara'Saona and cleaned it a bit..... now i need To put the teeth on and make or buy her dreads. I also want To paint her light blue and dark blue with some white primer and paint on the background To create a ARTIC huntress... next will also be to buy or make her machiko armor parts :D


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Little update again... light blue layer almost done. It will need some yellow-orange for the horns and light pink and purple for the mouth....
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