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    I've been working on my Aquaman for a while now and I figure I have done enough to warrant posting on here. I've had a lot of fun making scale armor in the past Captain America, Captain Deadpool, and Deathstroke, so I wanted to give the king of the seas a shot. I've worked with both the big and the little scales from The Ringlord, and even though the big scales goes on a lot faster, I prefer the final look and feel of the small scales. I wanted to test out the medium ones, but they were out of stock :(.
    CAM00358.jpg CAM00414.jpg

    Once I mostly completed the shirt (I'm sure I'll have to go back to it) I started working on the trident. I used different diameters of wood doles and wood filler to get it to this point. The first picture has metal connecting them, but that didn't work right so I replaced it with tiny wood doles that when attached with wood glue hold pretty well. After I had the right shape I cut 5, quarter inch slits into the top to put the arrows I made on top of them. After that I used a little bondo to add thickness to them before smoothing them with more wood filler. Wood filler I could rub on with my fingers and get it more to the shape I wanted before the dreadful sanding. Since then I've put a coat of primer on to see how it looks. I have more work to do on it, but it's a start. Next I'm going to add the bolts so I can screw the top piece to the shaft and see where I want to go from there. Hopefully I'll have more fun stuff later. Thanks.
    CAM00427.jpg CAM00431.jpg CAM00460.jpg CAM00131.jpg

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    Anyone who has the patience and skill to do scale-mail automatically has my respect. I am digging the trident so far as well. Looking forward to seeing the handle you put on it.
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    Looking great man! Just finished a Aquaman costume myself. Scale and trident are really looking good, can't wait to see the rest!
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    Didn't do much work, but I've added the bolt to the trident
    CAM00134.jpg CAM00138.jpg

    I believe I saw your build, really liked it. Debating on the collar since I learned how to make something like warbla
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