Aquaman Trident- Injustice, Gods Among Us BUILD

Discussion in 'DC Costumes and Props' started by madcatprops, Mar 11, 2015.

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    Hey guys!

    I've always looked in on RPF posts and forum, but I've only just signed up so I've read the rules and stuff, and I think I'm doing this all legit...

    Working on an Aquaman trident right now, (not the new Jason Momoa one) but probably one of my favourite trident designs from DC's Injustice Gods Among Us videogame. It's awesome and proving to be a real challenge which I always love. :)


    Not sure how to get full sized images on here yet, so please bear with me, but here are some build photos so far.

    11033186_759376210824257_4561514430710094137_n.jpg 10422307_750859435009268_8988974633341210534_n.jpg 11047936_10206401266216218_5901831625987075678_n.jpg 10920791_10206401267296245_3355485066756685733_n.jpg 10402811_760326254062586_8445731701836401382_n.jpg

    I'm building the master out of MDF with apoxie sculpt detail, and once I've figured out the 3 joints (it's over 6ft 1" in height!) I will finish the detail, sand it all to within an inch of it's life and then mold it with silicone for casting kits.

    Would love to hear what people think- and also an ideas for the joints! There are temporary mortice and tenon joints at the minute, but i think i'm going to replace it with some kind of screw joint..

    Cheers! :cheers

  2. lewhitewizard

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    I like it!!
  3. Captain Rogers

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    First off welcome to the RPF! I'm really looking forward to seeing this come together, I love Aquaman.
  4. Grifter2013

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    Welcome to the site, and that looks freaking amazing.
  5. Athanasius

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    I'm not normally a huge fan of Aquaman, but I do love the Injustice design, and this is a fantastic realisation of the trident, well done!

    I can't wait to see it finished off!

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