Aquaman - Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice

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I've been working on a new Batman vs. Superman : Dawn of Justice. Aquaman costume for myself. Which will be a work in progress over time.

I debut it this past weekend June,27,2015 at Indiana Pop Con. I figured more here might like to see it as this is a hard new costume. While this costume will still be a work in progress for me as more actual pictures are released and the film itself too. I gave it my best and found out a few things I can change, To make sturdier and just all around fix. I also left a few things open on it. So I can add to it when I get better looks to see more of it or change a few things out easier. I also kept with a couple themes of the original Aquaman with the Green Paints. Which were a snakeskin print painted/dye greens. In the original picture you can see the top of it and it looks like green/black scales. As well as some leg armor on the left side leg which I added with a quick match able pattern.

Belt Buckle was Metal as I cut it out of metal. But the rest of the Armor is foam build. covered in pleather material to give scale look then layered with more foam for gold details. Gauntlets had Velcro edges to close. Which details will be redone with plasti-dip to make sturdier now as some cracked wearing for all day.

The Trident was a PVC pipe base.
Clay, Craft Foam. Caulking, glue coat, Plasti-dip then painted . (Spear Points will be changed later when needed)

The Tattoo Shirt was hand painted and then the tattoos hand drawn all over it. It was a simple stretchy shirt.

I finished it out with a pair of Black Boots I had and a Black wig with some Blonde Highlights.(Also a work in progress)
For the back which you can not see in the original pit. To make sure I can add details later when we see more of it. I left it blank. But I gave it all a fishnet tpe cape. (Yes, Aquaman got a cape)
I used a simple Green and Grey fish net type cloth attached to the armor strapping.


Overall I am happy with it. Things aren't quite 100% as I will be changing out and altering a few things for months when new stuff comes out.
But that's m progress on things.
But wearing it once helped me know what to what to fix and gives me a different view of it all too.

Enjoy! - Matthew

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Il Princerino

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This is awesome bro. I love the Idea of using the shirt like that, very cool. Personally, I would add some muscular definition shading to it, but other than that it's fantastic.


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Plan to keep adding and changing stuff. The shirt I'll add more tattoos and stuff too.
There was some shading in the base paint. Which can't be seen with the pics.
But I'm happy with how things turned out and are going with it.

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