Appleseed Ex-Machina Group


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Thought I'd share some pics of our Appleseed Ex-Machina group from this past weekend at Anime Weekend Atlanta. This has been an on-again off-again project for the past couple of years. All of the suits were made by us (AngryDogStudios). Each person sculpted their own armor parts and I made the helmet (first attempt at a full helmet) from scratch.



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Very cool looking. I bet they weighed a ton though.
Actually they were not bad at all. More comfortable than a TK. The soft parts are covered neoprene. The hard parts are all just slush moulded Smooth Cast 300 or 65D. We did aim to have them a little thicker than they needed to be so there a solid armor look to them. The body suits were heavier than the armor.

The Briareos helmet is all slush molded 300. The checks are resin covered Dow blue foam to keep the weight down. The helmet is really comfortable to wear as the years are positioned to balance out the front weight. You can sit it on a rod and balance it evenly. The inside is padded foam which, along with the cut of the vest and chest armor, gives you nearly a full range of motion. Sight is a bit limited, I can only see out the hole under the main eye. It is kind of like looking out of a single TK eye.


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very good good work sir. I love Appleseed. your cosplay is the best I saw congratulations


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Fantastic stuff, Appleseed Ex Machina isn't something i'm familiar with, but very impressive.

As an airsoft larper however, I'm extremely interested in the rifle shown, is that a self made creation or found somewhere?


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Aaah I've been wanting to do this for years! Lemme know if you do a run of any of the parts.