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This listing is for a collection of Apollo 11 memorabilia, including artifacts that were flown to the moon during the mission. All of the items include provenance/COAs for authenticity. The winner will receive everything in the photos, so please refer to those for a close look at each item.

This collection includes the following items:
  • Apollo 11 - Lunar-Flown Film Fragment. Without a doubt, the most sought-after space collectible is material that flew to the surface of the moon on the Eagle. It's difficult to describe how special it is to hold something that was with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin when they made the descent to the lunar surface. And this is a rare chance to own such an artifact at an affordable price. This fragment came from a reel of film from the onboard 16mm camera. After the crew returned, the film was developed by Richard Underwood and John Holland. Richard and John saved the leader strips from the end of each reel, and distributed them to important people within NASA as gifts. A few years ago, Florian Noller of SpaceFlori (one of the most trusted names in the space collecting business) was able to obtain one of these, and he cut the film into small segments to offer more affordable versions. Each film fragment was permanently mounted on an 8x10" photo display, and included a COA which has been signed by Florian Noller and includes an image of the original filmstrip. The fragment itself measures about 1/4" on the longest side. These are long sold out, and very difficult to find. (Please note that on the COA, Florian writes that the photo is numbered on the back. He forgot to number my photo. It'd be easy for me to just write a "63" on the back, but it felt dishonest. But the front of the photo does specify this as a SpaceFlori item, the COA is signed and complete, and I'd be happy to provide my original receipt as well if requested. So the provenance is all there.)
  • Apollo 11 - Flown Kapton Foil from Columbia. This is a tiny fragment of Kapton Foil, which was used as a thermal protective lining on the outer hull of the capsule. It measures about 1/4" wide, and a few millimeters tall. It comes mounted to a Certificate of Authenticity from History by the Inch.
  • Neil Armstrong - Strand of Hair. This strand of hair was obtained directly from Todd Mueller, the only person in the world with a confirmed collection. In 2004, Todd (a well-known historical collector) contacted Neil's barber and offered to buy the clippings from Neil's next haircut. The barber agreed, without asking Neil's permission first. After Todd obtained the hair, Neil learned what had happened, and threatened to sue the barber for selling it. It became a very complex case regarding what can be considered a person's property or likeness. As a huge admirer of Neil, I wanted to create a display piece for a strand of his hair. I was able to purchase a set of 37 hairs directly from Todd, and he was kind enough to provide a COA for each one of them. I then created an 8x10" photo display, and affixed a hair to it using an archival-grade, non-yellowing epoxy "bubble" sticker. The winner will receive one strand of Neil's hair on a photo, along with an original COA which has been personally signed by Todd Mueller and stamped with his seal.
  • Apollo 11 Beta Cloth Patch. After the Apollo 1 fire, NASA banned flammable fabrics from their spacecraft, and developed a new fireproof material called Beta Cloth, made of Teflon-coated glass fibers. They contracted with Owens Corning to produce the fabric, then sent squares of Beta Cloth to Roma Chemical, who printed the insignia to be used as the mission patch. This is one of those patches. It came from the same production run as the patches worn to the moon. These versions were never sold to the public. This is still in its original 1969 packaging from Roma Chemicals, and it hasn't been touched in 50 years.
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