apocalypse now captain willard costume


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where can you find an accurate captain willard tiger stripe shirt and tiger stripe pants ? , also what is his watch band , know the watch is a seiko 6105 8110 but I can't tell what the band is if anyone know's please let me know thanks.
Tiger stripe uniform

upon further research the best repo tiger stripe is from smwholesale, one thing to not however Is there are different types of tiger stripe with varying thickness of lines and base colours . willard has fairly thick lines and a more green base colour so the best option is original Vietnam era tiger stripe.

link to the best repo tiger stripe I can find

SM Wholesale USA — Limited Edition Viet Nam Golden Tiger Camouflage Set


for boots he uses regular jungle boots , I believe they had different sole pattern for them so I'm not sure of the exact model.

Pistol belt and pistol holder

his belt is a us pistol belt with pistol holder not sure of any models of gear though

T shirt

as for his t shirt I'm not sure if it would be civilian or a us army issued one


his helmet Is just a Vietnam era m1 pot helmet with a Mitchell pattern cover and a sewn on captain rank


then his watch is a seiko 6105 8110 with a waffle strap band ( band can be seen in the arc light scene )

original seiko bands are however almost impossible to find

fairly accurate repo watch bands link ( I believe the seiko 6105 8110 uses a 19mm band )

other parts of his uniform I haven't found much on yet such as patches , webbing and maybe some other stuff I'm missing. I'll update as I find more info

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