Aperture Labratories Scientist Costume


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Is there a standard for making an Aperture Laboratories Scientist costume? I was just going to buy a standard lab coat, and see if I can get the Aperture Logo and maybe my name embroidered on the front above the chest pocket, and a larger Aperture logo and a slogan embroidered or screen printed on the back.

I found an interesting ID card from identityprops.com that looks cool.
Aperture Laboratories ID Cards Portal From the Identity Props Store

I'm also assuming that a clipboard would be a nice add on as well.

I'm kinda thinking that anything goes, since these are costumes that aren't actually featured directly in the game, but I'm still looking for opinions.



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I don't see how you could go wrong. Aperture's logo is pretty recognizable to anyone who is familiar with the game. I recommend screen print for the back logo. Also you might not want to embroider your name into your coat because you will already have a name tag. You are a typical worker after all, unless you want to put yourself into a significant position.

A clipboard is a nice prop, but a replica Portal Gun would help you stand out even more.


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I would recommend carrying one of the more reconizable Portal props such as the gun, a cube, a personality core, or if you are lucky a Chell.

For Dragon Con I put on a lab coat when I carried around my portal Gun and people got it right away. Even when I wasn't carrying the portal gun I was still called an aperature scientist even though I have no markings on my coat.

Be careful when you pick you coat. Mine has a seam right down the middle of the back so I couldnt put the logo on the back like I wanted.

Some pictures of my Aperature Scientist




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