Aperture Laboratories Employee ID Free


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Here is a Aperture Laboratories employee ID template I made up in photoshop free for anyone to enjoy.

- - - Updated - - -

Here's one I made for myself.


  • Aperture work ID.psd
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  • My Aperture work ID finished The RPF.jpg
    My Aperture work ID finished The RPF.jpg
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Brilliant design. Just wondering if it could be improved with some sort of seal on the card to show that the card was issued by aperture to a staff member.



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I'm going to throw my version out there too. I made this last year for a convention my sister and I went to. Looks like we had the same inspiration for our designs, haha.

ApertureBadge_Example-01.png ApertureBadge_Image-01.png

I have a Photoshop template, Illustrator file and an image of the blank card, so you can use your own photo editor. The finished printed size should be 4.25 x 3.5
(for some reason, the test I did with the photoshop file kept printing slightly larger, but it might be something with my printer. The original Illustrator file worked fine.)

View attachment ApertureBadge_Original.ai View attachment ApertureBadge-Template.psd

P.S. Those barcodes are real...


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This is the improved version. Again, thanks for the feedback.


  • Aperture work ID.psd
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  • Aperture work ID.jpg
    Aperture work ID.jpg
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