Anything on Tank Police Tank


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I want to do a model of the tank with the balls as the track system. I don't have any reference materials I was wondering if any one had anything except the trailer that I have seen on u-tube.



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Wow, that's going back a way. I might have an art book around the place somewhere. Will have a look.


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Loved that show - the tank reminds me of the one in the opennig scenes of the 2004 Appleseed movie. Only the front 2 sets of wheels were spherical on that one though, I think. I'll need to watch it again.


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Hey it's Bonaparte. He's from the newer Tank Police that was out. Then they did Tank Swat which was yet another tank.
Boneparte was around way before the animation; in the Manga - Dominion: Tank Police
The design changed a little, but was basically the same little guy...... There was a really nice kit that came out a few years ago - Not very big, but the detailing was nice.