Anyone working on Alternative Batman suits?


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I've seen a lot of Dark Knight and Dark Knight Returns suits on here, but I was wondering if anyone was doing any other suits? There have been so many alternative versions (Elseworlds, Dark Claw, Knightfall, etc...) that I was wondering what had been done.

I'm not sure exactly where this image of Batman Beyond came from, but I thought it would make a cool build.



I want it! :eek

No joke this is my next project.
Where should I look for available templates, when they are available of course


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That Beyond one looks pretty sweet. I plan on working on the DC Online Batman from the trailers after I finish my Iron Man Mark VI and Red Hood builds.


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Azrael was certainly one of the first to be way out there.

The Desert Storm boots look like KISS Demon boots with nostrils. Doesn't look like he could sit down as well.
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