anyone use small magets to hold stuff together?


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i have a project that im working , i need to hold some panels on with some reasonble force

does anyone have experiance using very small talking 1x1mm or 2x.05 mm or a tad larger , are these likely to provide any amount of force at all?
I've used magnets on several occasions to hold panels in place. They were not that small. The magnets in those kids "Magnetix" toy sets are pretty strong. But I think they are still in the 4mm-5mm range.

Is there a reason why they have to be that small?
need to be small as theres no room where i need it to go

how close do the ones you have need to be before they grab ? i guess a stronger one could be further away if it was stronger
I've used ones a few mil. large to hold panels in place. They have a fair amount of force for their size. Just search "rare earth magnet" on eBay. You can finds all shapes and sizes.
I used small magnets to secure the engines onto the QMx Flying Mule replica. The magnets are small, and easily found at office supply stores. These engines are solid and quite heavy, and these magnets hold them very securely.




Due to the funny typo in the title, for a brief moment i saw a bunch of little creepy crawlers helping you out somehow...:)
I use small rare earth magnets a lot in woodworking projects. I buy mine from a store called Lea Valley. They are very strong!
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