anyone use Movie Leather Jacket dot com?

They have tons of 'movie prop jackets' but they only show pics from the films, not the jackets they provide.

Just curious if anyone here has any experience with them. I was looking at the Captain America 'Bucky Rescue Jacket' for 199.00



samura indy

Active Member
Probably way to late but...
I bought mine from ultimo fashions, which I'm pretty sure sources their jackets from the same place. It was surprisingly good for the price and for the fact they didn't provide any pictures of the actual product. It's defiantly not as good as the Logans Closet version but it's a good option for someone with not so much money or, like me, Logans closet never got back to me about having a larger size than a 38.
Although I have noticed some peeling? flaking? around the cuffs.
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