Anyone trooping to The Phantom Menace 3d?

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by Crank729, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Crank729

    Crank729 Sr Member

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    OK, I know it is the most hated star wars movie, but there has to be some people on here dressing up for opening night!

    I'm wearing a tux with my jango helmet......which I know isn't cannon but it's more for fun anyway.

  2. JasonCash

    JasonCash Well-Known Member

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    my Squad in the 501st in trooping 2 different theaters this weekend....I'll be stuck at work but its The Phantom Menace so I wont miss too much
  3. Forestmoonstudio

    Forestmoonstudio Sr Member

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    I'm trying to make myself troop this. Just having a hard time getting motivated. Now when IV,V and VI come out I will have no problem.
  4. ShadowX81

    ShadowX81 Well-Known Member

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    I actually think this film was better than the two that followed it. The CGI wasn't quite so out of control, out of the Prequels it felt the most like Star Wars, and the lightsaber duel at the end was pretty cool.
  5. Monster Dave

    Monster Dave Sr Member

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    3D movies give me headaches...if I can get a pair of those 3D glasses that make movies 2D, I may go see it just to see it again.
  6. Tan Djarka

    Tan Djarka Sr Member

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    It's also playing in 2-D in some theaters.
  7. streetjudge79

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    What gets me is how can any of you guys want to give George Lucas more money for that god awful movie and especially when the 3d is hardly present. Only two shots I heard were any good in 3d, and the rest was pretty flat. Keep your money!!! Send Lucas a message that we are tired of his shenanigans!
    I'm not going to be a sucker and give in to the darkside. LOL.
  8. clancampbell

    clancampbell Sr Member

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    My thoughts exactly....also, how come, after more than 12 years of moaning about TPM, so many of you want to endorse and celebrate it by trooping and cozzing up to see it?????

  9. SithLars

    SithLars New Member

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    Guys its all about seeing Star Wars on the Big Screen again! You wont get that chance that often again. It think we all dislike TPM as one of the worst SW Movies, although Darth Maul is a pretty bad * Sith. I like him. Im a mmeber of the 501st (German Garrison) and I´ll do 3 events this Weekend in 3 differnet cinemas promoting the movie. As the 3d itself concerned the best scences are the Pod-Race and the Battle with the Droid Army. But it was clear from the Beginning that TPM would not be as cool as a "real" 3D Movie. Im just happy to celebrate Star Wars on the Big Screen Again and for the kids its an amazing oppertunity!

    Regards Lars
  10. Monster Dave

    Monster Dave Sr Member

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    I agree. Sure we can all cry and complain about Lucas (I've done it myself), but the bottom line is that when I go to the movies, I go because I enjoy it.

    It would take literally hundreds of thousands of people in protest to make any noticeable impact on Lucas's income if not more...

    So go if you enjoy it, and stay home if your principals are getting in the way.

    Either way, I'd rather have the experience of seeing Star Wars on the big screen again as SithLars pointed out, than to go and see most other movies out at the moment that aren't deserving of my hard earned money in the first place.
  11. Hedjii72

    Hedjii72 Sr Member

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    Our local garrison did a troop last night at our theater. Good times.

    Many of you guys are really overthinking this whole Star Wars/Lucas thing.

    They're pretty entertaining movies, and fun to be a part of. We saw a lot of smiles last night, from adults and kids. Nothing wrong with that.
  12. Shadow345

    Shadow345 Well-Known Member

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    Exactly. The movie got a positive reaction from the younger members of the audience that had not seen it on the big screen before.
  13. J Scorn

    J Scorn Sr Member

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  14. corytrevor

    corytrevor New Member

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    I wasn't able to go to the opening day showings, but I did make it to the midnight release with my younger brother.


    We both went as luke skywalker :lol

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