Anyone recognise this part? (Event Horizon Nailgun)


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Does anyone know if the barrel section of this prop (the section with the milled slots) is a found part?

Maybe part of a power tool?

Any help appreciated :)



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Have you considered looking at different models of car aerial? The electric sort that extend up and down via a motor. It sort of looks like one stripped down to me with the wheel section and outer housing removed, as well as the main aerial itself taken off. All the parts that you'd expect to find on an aerial are there, or at the very least were there, but it also appears that the prop maker has added loads of bits to it as well.

Just for illustrational purposes, here's picture of some modern aerials. You could try searching for 1990s (or earlier) models.


I may be way off base here, but it's what occured to me when I first saw your picture.

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