Anyone make simple M-16 magazines?


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I have a tac vest for my Army of Two costume and I want to fill the pouches with M-16 magazines, but I don't want to buy a bunch of the spring loaded Airsoft mags; because I think they'd ultimately get too heavy to lug around. Plus, at about $20 a pop, that'd be pretty costly.

So, I'm hoping someone has just a simple plastic outer casing that can be painted, or knows of a site that sells something like that.

I did a search already, but didn't find any threads about this btw.

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Since we're in CA, we can't purchase "regular capacity" magazines, but Brownell's (and maybe will sell parts kits; you could buy mag bodies for $13 each and floorplates for $1.50 each.

Just don't put in springs and followers or you're breaking the law. Speaking of which, I'd check first just in case.

Magpul's P-Mags are the best-looking AR mags IMO, and probably the lightest, but I don't know whether anyone sells just the bodies. (They sell for under 20 bucks each.) Hmm. I wonder if there'd be any interest in hollow resin replica mags...


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Regular M16/AR15 mags are a dime a dozen at the gun shows. I bought (4) 30 round AK47 mags for $8 each last time I went. They are not heavy when empty. Actually pretty lite.

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I think complete 30 rounders are lighter than resin ones but he is in Cali so they are not as easy for him to get. Go to and check to see when the next show is near you. You may be able to pick up bodies there.


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I've seen the airsoft springer magazines as low as 1.99 BIN on the 'bay. Just search Well M-16.

You could just get empty mag bodies and blank the top off with styrene maybe? Not sure how the cali-mag rules would look at that.


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as i am an airsoft addict i have loads of kit like this. infact i have 5 low cap plastic m4 mags i wouldnt dream of using in my m4 cos they're too cheap, nasty and dont feed. if u were in the uk i would gladly donate you one or 2 but since ur over the pond its not really worth it due to shipping. plastic low capacity mags are the cheapest u can get and weigh next to nothing. even if you were carrying 20 of them you prob wouldnt even notice lol and they look real enough just drop them in the pouches upside down to hide the bb feader end


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No need to spend anything really.


The "magazines" are scrap wood cut out in the shape of L-85 mags,
which are the same as M-16 mags.
Lighter and cheaper!
If you have any scrap wood laying around, you can use that.
But, even buying a small piece of the cheapest grade of plywood,
and a little time with a jigsaw, will give you what you need.



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What Mike said. If your not seeing the mags, just use whatever fills the void. Ive used wood covered in duct tape and for more finicky people, dense foam cut to shape and covered in duct tape.

For airsoft mags you can get packs of ten at for about $50 or so. The plastic mags weigh more than the real deal and surprisingly the replica metal mags weigh less than plastic as well.

Here are some pictures of real mags next to decent airsoft replicas. The airsoft replicas are smaller in height and width. As mentioned, they tend to cost more for a replica then the real thing which is backwards for a change.





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