Anyone know the source of this Captain Mal's Pistol


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I had this resin kit of Captain Mal's Pistol in the stash for longer then I can remember and I can't of course recall the source other then it was through EBay. A few missing parts and it needs a dip or two in Boiling Water or some moments with the family hair dryer to fix a barrel bend but otherwise a good kit. Check it out


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Almost two (2) two years and no one replied to my post. So I would like to ask again, has anyone here on therpf seen these parts before????


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Hello and Thank You for the reply. Finally in progress. I been debating the coloring for a while now and it's between brass with various weathering washes or the best match to the series version I can do "black with rub-n-buff gold wear/worn areas".


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I too remember seeing these kits on ebay years ago but I don't remember the seller. I think I've got a few more images from the auctions saved somewhere...

As for colouring, I would say a dark blue would be a closer match to the original finish rather than black.

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I'm not sure, but the handle parts seems to resemble the ones from Wilco models.

It's pretty hard to make anything out in the pictures since they are so dark and so much is in shadow.

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