Anyone know the size of a real X-Wing helmet chin cup?

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The question is at the bottom but I wanted to share with you what I have done and why I have the question.

I was interested in making a new chin cup for the Galaxy's Edge X-Wing helmet. I am not much of a nitpicker but everything i see the helmet worn by someone, I think the chin-up looks weird because it is too shallow.

I came up with the improvement below. My 3D print on the left and the Disney one o the right. Overall, I am happy with it but it did get me thinking about the real size as I modified my print based on various info.


First off, I used this file:

This file is 105mm x 60 mm x 33.5mm

At first I was thinking the 105mm might be too long but when I look at reference photos, the cup is pretty big.

When I did my print, I went to my Hasbro helmet for guidance. I figured since I had not heard any complaints (at least that I know of) about the cup size on the Black Series version, it would at least look acceptable. The BS was 88mm x 44mm x 25mm

If you scale the length of file down to 88mm, that makes the file 83.81% so now it is 88mm x 50mm x 28mm.

One thing about the file is that the file is made for a 1" wide strap. I don't know if 1" is accurate but for my needs, I need it to fit a .75". So I guess I could have left the width at 83.81% but I changed it to 75% for a closer fit. By doing that, it took the width to 45mm just 1mm off from the 44mm of the BS version.

I decided to deviate from the BS in the depth. I left it at the 83.31% which made it 3mm more that the BS cup. I figured that since that aspect it looked okay on the graphic of the file, I would leave it alone.

So here are my questions. Even if I do not change anything, I just felt compelled to want to know what the real measurements might be.

I guess first:

What is the real strap width? We kind of need to know that before we move on.

What is the dimensions of a real chin cup? I think there could be more than one answer. First, there is the one seen in the OT. I believe these are the same ones on the rebel trooper and other places as well. Second, there could be screen accurate variations in size for helmets created for the other movies and shows. IMHO, I think that if a company got any direct reference material from LFL for the helmet in recent years (Hasbro, Disney, Anovos) it was based on these newer props.

I really don't trust any official replicas.

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