Anyone know of a Easy wood ID system?


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Hey All,
Ugh my new years has been a bit rough, but like Michel J. Fox I remain hopeful and "Always Looking Up" Here is hoping I am not wrong. Anyway me and my father recently went around our apartment complex (Still working on moving bit more of a snag but it is going better.) and we picked up some wood from the trees in our area, mostly fallen branches from a Oak but we found a large branch we cut apart and carried up the lot. I sealed the ends as my friend ScoobiJohn told me was a good way, hope I did it right.

But the wood I am still unsure of as far as what kind it is, and as these branches are destined for wands I really need to know what kind of wood it is. So does anyone know any wood identification Databases that have apps for photo IDing, I know of the Wood Database (Planing on buying the book) but I am still a noob in the wood club so yeah I can't fathom how I'll find it.

Any help would be hi, hope you all are having a decent start of year.

Take care.