Anyone know anything about this life-size Probe Droid


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This came up on EBAY in July 2001. Apparently it was fan made and I think the owner / maker said it was too big to hold on to. I don't remember what it sold for, but it wasn't too much. :cry

I finally found the picture on an old external drive I had.

Love to find out more about it and see more pictures.

Does anyone know anything about it?


oota goota

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it's hard to tell but the dome doesn't look detailed enough to be the original full scale prop. I amazed no one here has built this thing full size or that there's not more interest in it on the boards :confused

oota goota

Sr Member
just found this. The site looks dead and I'm sure I've heard mixed reviews about this outfit but maybe this is the droid you're looking for? (near bottom of page)


oota goota

Sr Member
yes sorry i should have said pics were gone i have e-mailed asking for a pic, just out of curiousity really. having searched this forum seems like the seller is bad news. still it would be nice to get an origin to that pic
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