Anyone know anyhting about this guy?

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I was looking on eBay tonight for Darth Vader softparts and came across the seller " lucasalvarez "

He's in Argentina. Anyone heard of him? His feedback is very low but the stuff he has pictured looks alright for the price.

Anyone have any input on this seller and/or his work?
I've heard that name. YES.
Just remembered.
I've seen his stuff on the 501st boards. He is legit. The stuff is amazing. The mesh he has incorporated into the suit is a perfect idea and is hidden by all the armor. He's a good guy, he and his cousin do all the leather work.
I've been e-mailing back and forth with him about one of his bodysuits....he seems legit. A few other guys have vouched for him as well...
I had seen this too DK, i must admit, if i had the money i would not hesitate, excellent bit iof kit he's selling, looks very well done. I assume this is not a one off, he must sell quite a few of them.
Last month i bought a vader suit from Lucas,it is all in one piece but the workmanship is second to none,He is a great guy to buy from and i think for the price you will not find a better one,i was well impressed with the information he sent me after he received my money (e.g. measurement charts, shipping tracker and best of all a free gift) next year i plan to buy a cape from him so all i can say is if you need a suit do not hesitate,you will not be disappointed.(may i just say i am in no way related to lucas and have never met the case you were wondering)
Sorry to revive such an old thread.

I recently came across an eBay seller based in Argentina call
evolutiontoysshop, selling a lot of Star Wars costume stuff, and his Vader stuff looks pretty nice.

Anyone know if this is Lucas's new venture? I know he split from customsprops sometime ago but haven't heard if he's been active anywhere...

Sorry if this is old news...
Ah, I know about 'Fenixprops', didn't know it belongs to Lucas though.

So there are now THREE Star Wars costume props supplier in Argentina. Dayum!

Brought a Royal Gaurd full outfit from them. Could not be happier with their product and customer service.
Yep....another leather Vader buyer here. GREAT value and workmanship. Easy to deal with. Rest easy:)
Are you guys talking about Fenixprops or evolutiontoysshop?
Thanks. I was looking at their recent eBay listing for all the soft goods. Leather jumpsuit, cod, gloves, robe and cape. Price looks great but didn't know if I was getting into something bad.

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