Anyone in Burbank, California?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by DarkPassenger, Nov 4, 2011.

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    Hey guys, If this is an inappropriate thread or in the wrong section, let me know!

    I'm looking for someone in Burbank California who is close to North Victoria Blvd. I need a favor involving someone to take a trip to a store near there, Supply Sergeant (who employs an incompetent baboon that answers the phones). Apparently the store doesn't have email or Google so I can't send him pictures of something I am looking for that was told he has.

    If anyone can help, PM me.

    Thanks a lot. :)
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    Yup, wrong place to post. This should be in the OT.
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    Sorry about that. Is there a mod who would kindly move it?
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    I just stumbled upon this website, looking for advice to improve my part casting and saw this message.

    Before this shifts to another thread, I live extremely close to Surplus Sergeant and wouldn't mind passing through the store after work one day to see if they have what you need. I won't purchase anything, mind you, but I can do an on site confirmation that the item you are looking for matches what you are looking for. What is it exactly?

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