anyone heard of studio 303?


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hey everybody, i got an item off ebay, and it came with the cirtificate of authenticity from studio 303, so i looked them up and found nothing at all.. and after doing a general search for the item i found one other picture of one but still no info on it. im asking to see if its worth anything because the paint job wasnt vary good, so i repainted it, but its a christmas present for someone on here so i cant really say what it is yet.. i wont be completely devistated if it was a mistake to repaint it and i highley doubt she will either, but just curious about the maker and possible worth or rarety.
it says its a limited peice, but not what its limited to..
ohh, and it has the date 2001 in the back of it if that helps.


and ill post some pics of before and after the repaint after christmas!
dang, just realized i posted this in the costume forum.. so mods, if you can, could you move this to props?
sorry about this
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