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Anyone have photos of screen used Kit Fisto pieces from Star Wars Ep.2?


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Hey everyone!

One of my projects for the new year is a set of Kit Fisto prosthetics in foam latex, head piece, facial makeup and hands. I was wondering if anyone owns or has photos of actual prosthetic pieces from Episode 2, which is the version Zach Jensen played :


NOT the Episode 3 version which looks to be an over head mask:


I've searched all over the internet and there seems to be very little info on how this makeup was done, and no photos of the pieces themselves.

If anyone has any info, I'd really appreciate it, I love this character and would like to do him justice by creating a great set of prosthetics that allow the wearer to show expressions like in Ep2.




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Afraid not dude :( They show Zach without the lenses over the eyes and some on set footage with SLJ but thats it. I have the 2 disc dvd set as well as the Bluray set, which I was hoping would have some extra BTS stuff but theres not a lot on there.
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