Anyone have any tips on making Splinter Cell-style night vision goggles?


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I want to make a Splinter Cell costume, and considering I have played Air Soft for years, the actual costume won't be that hard to make. I probably already have most of it in my closet heh.

But the goggles, I dont know how to make them.
I figured I would go with these as a base, as they look kinda like the ones in game do.
Neiko 53849A Flip-Up Style, ANSI Approved Comfort-Fit Welding and Torch Safety Goggles -

And then just paint em, use PVC for the tube thingys. Only thing is, I don't know how I would get the green or blue lights. They don't have to be green, as I am not making a Sam Fisher costume, just a Third Echelon Splinter Cell. Technically since im not making a Sam costume, they could be green, blue or red.
I just don't know how to make em. And as much as im liking that goggle frame in the link, im guessing its probably not the best to use. As when I finish I won't be able to wear and see out of them.

Ale Zayas

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I think it's a great idea! I love the franchise, love Sam Fisher and love how those goggles look. Ideally, you could work an MDF for the main part and then make a mold with it. PVC tubes+details for the goggles. The Straps. Green (blue, yellow, red, whatever) LEDs. Some rubber inbetween to better protect your face. It's an idea but I'm new, just didn't want this thread to die so young!!

Good luck! Keep an update.
Off the top of my head. couple pairs of binoculars ,one cut in half for the top, head mounted torch that can angle down, take off the torch and attach the binoculars (or tri-noculars now :) ) not sure about the LEDs, maybe drill some holes in the top of the tubes just behind the lense, or maybe light pipes?
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