Anyone got suggestions for fake custard or cream?

Discussion in 'Sculpture and Makeup Effects' started by pandabarnes, Aug 3, 2015.

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    I am making a fake Christmas Pudding from Polystyrene and I'd like to have fake custard/cream poured over it.

    I've been trying to find something that will work and look convincing but so far no joy.

    I've been covering the pudding in cling film so that it doesn't get destroyed each time I find a way that doesn't work, thinking I can glue the successful attempt on exactly where I want it.

    So far I've tried;

    pva mixed with acrylic paint - settled too much and the creases in the film were visible.

    acrylic sealant mixed with a little gesso and acrylic paint - a bit better, but refused to leave the cling film, stayed tacky, and looked a little too matt.

    I read on a blog called fake-n-bake that acrylic caulk, acrylic paint and acrylic gloss medium will work, but I thought I'd post here and see if anyone has any suggestions?

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    Sealant only hardens where it meets air, that's why it's staying soft, what about colouring plaster mix, make a large piping bag and large nozzle and squeeze into the desired shape, I've never tried this but it should work

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    Also what about foam insulation spray foam with the nozzle at its smallest
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  4. fallimar

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    If you're after something thinnish, try using PVA glue mixed with pigment and some talc or other powder filler? It dries shiny and the filler should help bulk it out, and even something like acrylic paint should do the job for colour.
    Just an idea, worth trying?
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    Thanks for the replies, It think plaster will be a bit too brittle as it's more of a pour on cream that will run down the sides, rather than a whipped cream.

    Who knew there was a product out there for that?! (apart from Jun Austria!). Amazing.

    that looks pretty cheap too so I might mess about with that if the shipping isn't too crazy.

    Gonna try fallimar's suggestion of bulking out the pva with some talc too, that's the closest thing so far it was just too thin.

    i'll post back some photo's of the results.....if it works!

  6. pandabarnes

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    OK so the PVA and talc looked promising but sadly it settled quite thinly.

    This is Acrylic Caulk, Gloss Medium, Some Acrylic paint and Gesso, not looking too bad, it's glossier than it looks in the photo but I clearly need to practice with it a bit to get that realistic flow - hence the cling film.

    Hopefully this will dry in a few days and I can mess around some more.

    Re Jun Austria's post - there's actually a tonne of food modelling products out there which I had no idea about, from icing to sauces, so I'm still looking at those.


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