Anyone good at painting or Photoshop?


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In the movie Joe Versus The Volcano, Tom Hanks has a motion lamp with a lamp shade that has painted scenes from the movie. From what I've been able to find out, the lamp shade was custom painted for the movie. I'm looking for someone who can recreate this lamp shade painting for me from the screen shots. I want to have the picture printed onto an actual plastic transparency that can be made into a lamp shade for a real motion lamp.

Anyone here good at painting/Photoshop/whatever-drawing-program who would like to take a crack at this? I know just going off of screen shots from a DVD (no Blu-Ray available...TRAGEDY!) won't help produce an exact replica, but without access to the original prop, this is the best I can hope for.


Hi msissac, I've been looking for a replica of the Joe vs the Volcano lamp for years. I purchased the figurine from eBay and have been trying to think of a way to make the shade. I've even contemplated taking a panoramic picture from our favorite vacation spot and combining my two favorite things. How far have you come in your quest to make this lamp? I'd love to see your progress.
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