Anyone going to build the NASA Mars saber?


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Alright, I'm going to get some hate here. It does look like a lightsaber and it would be cool to make it as a lightsaber (Blade, electronics, the whole thing), BUT am I the only space nerd that thinks it would be a great prop as a piece of REAL space memorabilia? I'm not disputing the lightsaber angle, but it's also a cool hand sized prop from the real space program. Just curious if anyone else thinks so. You may start hurling your sharp objects at me.

P.S. it was made of titanium, but a replica out of aluminum could pass pretty well.
You scared someone coming down on not calling it a lightsaber but want to go off path with already subbing materials so its no longer AUTHENTIC!!!!!! Wow, and wow, its like walking into the agent k coat thread talking about fake fleece replacements..... ;)
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