anyone evr try this?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Star Wars Man, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. Star Wars Man

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  2. Cenobyte

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    This might open up a large world for proppers to get parts less expensive and faster that conventional runs.
  3. propsculptor

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  4. Sluis Van Shipyards

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    We need someone who knows how to use CAD to whip up something simple to see a price quote. That way we could get an idea how expensive their service is. It sounds promising though.
  5. Dewy

    Dewy Well-Known Member

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    I wonder who could do that?
  6. Ogibendogy

    Ogibendogy Well-Known Member

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    I tried this for a waterjet cutting project (run of 30 buckles in aluminum). For my project it was cheaper to take the project to a brick and motor shop. But it was cost competitive and would be good if you don't have a shop in your area.
  7. Star Wars Man

    Star Wars Man Well-Known Member

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    i dont know how to do that program, so i wont try it...i was thinking luke rotj or some obi wan anh parts...or what the heck, a maul saber
  8. ob1al

    ob1al Sr Member

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    What are the ballpark costs for such a service? A saber emitter, say?

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