Anyone Every Used This Stuff?


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Title says it all. I'm just wondering if anyone has very used this resin. The price seems to good to be true. I'm looking to make very durable props and what not.
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It's like working with frosting, very thick and needs to be worked into the mold...

You would have to define your needs and uses, "I'm looking to make very durable props and what not" is a pretty broad and generic statement... There is no single resin that fits all needs, this resin is a decent 'brush' grade resin when you need a 'brush' grade resin... If you want a 'pour' grade resin to pour into cavities this isn't your resin...

As for "The price seems to good to be true" it's price right in the ballpark for what it is, hardly anything out of the ordinary for a high filler content resin...


I'm looking to make detail peices for the bottom of hoverboards, maybe a Batman Akrham Asylum grappling gun. Also can you pour resin into a plaster negative where the plaster was reinforced with burlap?