Anyone every end up making the "anyone can cook" book from Ratatouille?


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Just curious if anyone got around to making this from a few years ago. Can't find anything in the paper props area


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I saw a pic of it on instagram that also showed it had the correct spine from the movie (although the logo at the bottom was unclear), but couldn't find one of the back cover of the journal so I don't know if that's correct. Here are some screenshots from the movie:
vlcsnap-2019-02-09-23h30m21s185.png vlcsnap-2019-02-09-23h31m58s124.png vlcsnap-2019-02-09-23h32m29s715.png vlcsnap-2019-02-09-23h32m56s722.png vlcsnap-2019-02-09-23h33m11s879.png
And of a Hallmark christmas ornament showing the back cover a bit more:
2007-hallmark-keepsake-anyone-cook_1_596efbaf2820ad7c0270bc94a59ee28f.jpg hallmark-keepsake-ratatouille_1_aed253dd4f19cc7161f734fd5785560d.jpg
The text on the back seems to be (thanks in part to Mitch at Pixar Planet • View topic - Ratatouille Toys!):

Friendly and enthusiastic, 'Anyone Can Cook'
is the essential culinary reference for both
the novice and the professional cook. Writen
by Auguste Gusteau, owner and chef of the
world-renowned Paris restaurant, Gusteau's,
this book brilliantly relays his experience in
gourmet kitchens as well as humble tech-
niques learned from his mother and grand-
mother. With each dish Gusteau prepares, he
always remembers his first rule of cooking
the best cuisine is made for friends.
"If you're one who can burn water, I highly
recommend 'Anyone Can Cook'. You'll learn
how simple it is to prepare great meals sure
to impress your family and friends."
- Brad Lewis
Auguste Gusteau is the owner and chef of
Gusteau's in Paris. Gusteau's is world-
renowned for superior tradtional French
cuisine and a friendly neighborhood atmo-

Here is a page from the Ratatouille cookbook containing one of the illustrations on the back cover (I can't find the other):

Also the "Anyone" font is Sign Painter House Script: Sign Painter House Script - House Industries
While the other fonts seem to be angular versions of Bodoni.


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Here are my versions of the spine and back cover. I'm no good at recreating illustrations so someone can do them better probably. Here are the scans of the notebook I used if anyone else wants to have a try. The font for the back cover text is Typography of Coop Light.


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Is there anyone I can hire to put together all of those images into a proper book wrapping? I want that book on display in my kitchen.


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