Anyone ever tried brushing a one-way mirrored surface?


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I saw this mirrored Cobra Commander mask online and I was just thinking how much cooler it might look if it were brushed metallic.

And I know one way mirrors work by reflecting 80% of the light that hits them and allowing 20% through from both sides. This is because the mirrored surface is really thin.

So I'm wondering, has anyone ever tried brushing a mirrored surface, to create the appearance of metal you can see through? If so, what was the result?

Since the material can be seen through because it is so thin, I imagine you'd have to be careful you didn't remove too much, but I don't see why brushing it should prevent you from seeing through it, but I can't find any brushed see through plastic, so that makes me think it might be difficult or impossible to achieve.
Why wouldnt you just take it to a window tint shop and have a reflective tint job done?

As far as brushing up a surface to double as a mirror, I have done this but its not a mirror reflection. Its basically a shiny surface, nothing more. What helped sell the illusion of it being a mirror is the actual material used to double for the mirror was a sheet of clear silicone, the stuff used to make break away or broken glass. Not candy glass, its clear silicone and very fragile. The surface needed to appear dirty which allowed me to bring in a real mirror behind it which was quickly removed and replaced with a dense sheet of foam mounted to a flat for the part where its broken by a persons head.
I would think the mirror coating would only be on one side and you wouldn't want to mess with the coated side. But you could probably brush the other side with some 0000 steel wool or something to take the gloss off--these are not facts, just speculating here......

But since it's the reflectiveness really that keeps you from seeing through the stuff on the shiny side, I don't think brushing it would prevent you from seeing through it, but rather dulling that side might make it into just a translucent piece of plastic then.

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