Anyone ever disassembled a Vader MR FX saber?

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by Bradleyfett, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. Bradleyfett

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    I have one of these that I need to remove the blade from to use it as just a belt-hanger prop. Anyone ever done this before? The only screws I can see are the two on the outside toward the top.

    I'd really like to remove it without using the ol' hack-saw method if possible. Any feedback is appreciated!

  2. rigormortis

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    I did it for my Vader. There were 2 screws at the switch and one than holds the emitter shield. The switch is hardwired to the electronic guts, but it's given enough slack wiring to turn and manipulate it aside so the blade slides out.

    I'll get better pics for you when I get home. It was a bit tricky, but do it once and you can do it in 3 minutes.

  3. Bradleyfett

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    Sweet! I'll look forward to the pictures. I may try to do it before that anyway.


  4. itbedave

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    I've taken mine apart. He's talking about the black part that holds the switch - there are screws in either end of it. Just remove them and the plate that covers the switch. The blade and shroud will now be loose and you can pull the switch board out a little, slide the blade and guts forward a little, then push the switch and wires down inside the hilt so you can slide the whole thing forward and out.

    Once you have the guts out, you'll want to remove all the electronics boards from the inside of the plastic housing - this is because you'll want to put the plastic part back in so you have visible guts showing through the ports on the sides.

    I've got some pictures of it here:
  5. jhusel

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    AWESOME pics Itbedave! Thanks for sharing.

    I was wondering why the blade looks "ribbed" when you look at it in a certain direction. That makes sense. I thought it was because the way the tube was made or something.

  6. itbedave

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    Says right on the box - "Ribbed for her pleasure."

    64 LED's - still amazes me the amount of diffusion that's in there to make it all even out.
  7. Rick Hanson

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    Save yourself some time and do what my darling son did to his Luke FX..take it outside and drop it on a big rock.

    Trust me, the blade'll come right off. [​IMG]
  8. jakob2121

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    One nice thing to add - while the vader FX has a larger outside diameter than a standard mpp/heiland, the extra size is all wall thickness. The guts to the fx will fit in any standard size 1.5" flash tube.

    It's such a clean pullout, it'd be great for customs.
  9. James Kenobi 1138

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    It's such a clean pullout?

    I'm not touching that one.....too easy.....
  10. arkangel

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    Seriously speaking, if the lower priced FX sabers were the EXACT same dimensions as the 1:1 replicas, what do you think would happen to the market for the static ones?
    The fx line is obviously made for fun, not exacting dimensions. At 1/3 the price, I'm getting a luke for lights and sound. The fact that they are slightly fatter doesn't even factor in for me. [​IMG]

    Added: Sorry, didn't read the whole thread through. Missed the "making a belt hanger" part. Makes sense now.
  11. yodaman

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