Anyone complete a Nightwing or Robin costume from Titans?


New Member
I'm looking to do either of these full costume builds, but I'm having a hard time finding a good place to start. I could do EVA Foam armor, or I have 3d printers and can print parts, and also looking for a good source for fabric? I'd be up for commissioning someone to sew parts of it, or if someone already makes these components and sells them that would be super cool too. I'm fairly new to costume builds, but I want to make it as accurate as I possibly can, so any direction or help anyone could offer would be awesome.
Awesome! I'll check them out. I saw the Parallel Life studios costume and I'm thinking about reaching out to them about ordering the fabric they used for their Robin costume as a starting point. I'll just have to find a way of printing or casting the armor parts somehow

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