Anyone catch tonights episode of Hollywood Treasure?

Jet Beetle

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Gone but not forgotten.
Did you see that Phase 2 Enterprise??:love:love The guy still had the molds just sitting there waiting to make me a copy. The weird thing to me was the model they had looked vac-u-formed??

Also, the guy who owned the Delorean from BTTF 3 - he said he got it off the lot at Universal where it was just rusting away - I remember the two cars they had on the lot - one was part of the tram tour, the other was in the front parking lot and both were trashed. No seats - dash board gutted - yet he claimed the thing was an original. I can see it being rebuilt, but original, no way.
I saw it and found it interesting that Desi DeSantos, Brian Penikas, and Brick Price had no clue as to how much their swag was worth. :rolleyes

And people ***** and moan about the way Pawnstars is staged! :lol
It's so funny you say that- my son who is 10 was watching it with me and he commented "Why would these guys still be saving this stuff if they didn't know it was worth a lot of money!"

Do you know Brick Price Apollo?
Just by his work.

If I were you I would head out and see if he would make you a copy

I'm thinking about it, but it's always better if you get in because of someone you know. I'm willing to bet now that people know he has that thing he's going to be getting a lot of requests.
OH and by the way, Jet and Apollo, you are both the most important movie prop of all time.

:lol Good stuff.

That show is so effing irritating to watch - it's so scripted!! I used to work for an auction house and the owners were exactly the same way - the noble talk being spewed by these guys (and actors) is so transparent, I can't believe any one believes it. OF COURSE they want your prop to "find a good home with someone who will wuv it" - they want their commission. I just wish they were a little more honest about the reality of the business, but I guess that wouldn't make good tv. Like hiring that actress/model to be an employee, and shooting in a set that stands in for their office.
never heard of this show but im interested! what channel is it on? whats it about?
I know it involves movie props

History Channel. It follows the Profiles in History auction house that is well known for high end movie memoralbilia. Fun to see the props but as Moffeaton said...very scripted!
very very scripted....soooo is great seeing the props, but the dialogue from the show makes it too painful to watch.....

especially the new episodes with the james bond airplane....that was very painful

and stan winston's son in law is a huge ******

was i the only one that laughed when they said "it's better to find out now, then to sell something not authentic"

"Loosely scripted" are the words your after. Like any "reality" based show there is an end goal for the time involved. If they went in aimless by the seat of their pants, there would be nothing to show per episode. This is why when you watch Pawn Stars they show crowds lined up outside, a full floor of people browsing but when someone comes in to move an item, there are maybe 3 people in the background "shopping". All that crowd noise and movement wouldnt allow them to film. Watch any sports newscast where the reporter is in the field and youll realize why things are done in such manner.

Of course most featured people know what they have and an idea of value and worth but its a tv series, dramatic license required. Fact is, if you didnt know Survivor, the Real World, ******* or any other reality based series wasnt loosely scripted or used props, now you do. Crews cost money and work by the hour. Enjoy it for what it is, make it into a drinking game, or dont watch at all. Personally, I HATE the editing style and camera work. Its too jumpy and ADD.

You can look at the good the show is doing by raising awareness to those who have items lingering that had no idea collectors are interested but in the same vein the bad as the same people are lead to believe those items are potentially priceless. There really are people out there that have no clue.
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