Anyone buy a SecretSpiderman suit?


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I hadn't heard of these guys before, but their work looks pretty good. They're using original patterns or requiring buyers to purchase patterns from well-known designers before printing, which is exactly the way business should be conducted. You might ask for photos of customers in completed suits before purchasing.

You could get a less expensive suit from the rpc studio (without puff paint for $400, more with paint). I know the higher charge for this site is because every suit seems puff painted with 3d spiders, though.


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Yep, thanks Tjack, that's me!

As you all know the suits are a labor of love and it means so much to me personally when they have a positive reception, thanks for that.

I love spidey and all the hero's and I truly believe in the power of heroism to heal or to change minds, hearts, and maybe eventually.. The world for the better.

I purchased my first commission suit in 04 from a guy named SpiderTim (not sure if he's a member or not?).

It was incredibly accurate pelting at the time (even had the screen printed bricks) but over time the yearly upkeep, repairing, and repainting of the webbing on that suit was what originally gave me the confidence (and the idea) to begin the process to create a suit of my own.

Later I found out about the dye sub process and watched as it exploded into the community.. I purchased some patterns and made suits for myself personally.. One sold on evilbay and (Poof fast forward) here we are today.

*For Disclosure: The suits are printed from patterns created by various artists and clients are required to provide or pay for the file as part of the initial process.

The artists I support are RPF members in good standing so far as I'm aware. As everyone here is aware they are the true hero in the process... (My part is more like a complex paint by numbers) ;)

For me, I strive to do my best on projects but I also realize I've got so much to learn so any tips, tricks, or pointers from you guys will always be welcome.

Aside from that I don't have much to share or add.. This forums has been truly blessed over the years with a few spider-men of "legend" so I'm happy just to be mentioned. (And not yelled at hahaha)

Any questions? Comments/Critiques (or suggestions) can be sent by email or by PM and as always I'm happy to help or even just chat with other spidey fans!

Again thanks for your time and your kind comments.
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