Anyone been at the Stargate sale in BC?


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I hope this is the right place to post, but since I missed the Stargate sale in BC (I live in Germany, thinking that I should really have booked a flight now), I wanted to know who of you went to the sale, what they saw, if they took some picture and if the prices have really been that low.

Thank you!
I bought three "hero" props for about $30 Canadian
The best is a Faux computer tablet made out of very heavy solid aluminum with a puddle jumper diagnostic overlay. The tablet lights up. It also came with a case.

And a pair of images I cannot identify. These are very cool they blink red on sides and VERY bright white. They are made of wood, aluminum, plastic. I have no idea what they are.

I prices were cheap and I saw many neat things go out the door.
It amazes me after propworx and the other company sold all this stuff...and anything going out the side door...that anything was available..but this proves that cool stuff went cheap...

nuff said!
I got a full Lucian Alliance costume (all leather) for less than $100. I also picked up an Atlantis mission jacket, a flightsuit, and bunch of other cool bits and bobs.
What were the other things you got Zeppo? And how much did you pay for the Atlantis jacket?

Did I say that I should've really booked a flight there? :(
How the hell do you guys find out about this?!

seriously, next time something like this comes up - freakin let me know!:lol

Nothing is more frustrating than finding out this after its over.
Stricky - the other things were mostly belts and holsters and things like that. I also got a bracer with some electronic gizmos attached to it marked "Silas". I'm actually going to start a thread showing everything I got. I think the SG:A jacket cost me $10. It was the only one there. It's a stunt jacket, so the seam in the back is split to allow for a cable, and it doesn't have any patches, but is otherwise in great condition.
Saw that on your thread? $10? Did I say that I should've booked a flight over there?
You don't have any plans on selling it right? :)
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