Anybody have a good solution for mounting/wiring LED lighting to light models?


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I've bought and wired some NeoPixel LED units from Adafruit and I'm controlling them using an ESP8266 microcontroller running a lighting system called WLED. The next step for me is figuring out a way to neatly route the wiring back to the microcontroller as well as mounting the lights on some kind of heavy-base stands that will keep them pointing where I want them.

They're just tiny little LED boards so hardly take anything to hold them up, but I'm having trouble figuring out a way to neatly focus them onto my model, as well as how to run power/data wires back to my main board without having a mess of cables on my shelving.

Anyone had experience with any of this before? I'm guessing maybe some wires with 3-pin JST connectors would help to keep them modular, wrapped in black heatshrink or similar to make them a bit less conspicuous on my shelving, but wondering if there's a good trick I haven't yet thought of to achieve all this neatly??


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Depending on the number of leds you are using and the usage pattern, you may be able to get away with using a USB battery pack. The battery will allow you to hide everything behind the model. You may need a 3.3v regulator for the esp8266.


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Those wires and components aren’t fussy. You could position them the way you want, tape them temporarily, and put a dab of epoxy to hold it permanently.


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Thanks guys, but I'm really asking about specifically how to mount lights (like are there any arms/stands that exist to hold/focus LEDs), and also could you suggest any wiring/connectors that would help me to make this a truly modular setup?


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You might want to consider a small torque friction hinge. Aim the LED up/down by opening/closing the hinge. Pivot the hinge on the mounting screw to aim left/right.

If you need to narrow the beam, you might want to consider mounting a 30 or 60 degress lense on to of the LED.

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