Anybody else like movie press kits?

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by MFP 2020, May 12, 2012.

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    I have a few press kits, mostly from the 80s—Mad Max, Escape from New York—and I just got Blue Thunder on eBay. Back in the olden days I collected newspaper ads and magazine articles and reviews and pictures, and sometimes I took my cassette recorder to the theater to record a movie's audio, because we had no home video. You saw it in the theater and then you waited for it for years to come out on TV, and if you weren't sitting in front of the set when it came on, you were SOL. We couldn't even conceive of having our favorite movies available at all times.

    Now that I have the movies at my fingertips in ridiculously high definition, I see little or no reason to save all that old paper stuff, because I could watch every single frame of a movie if I wanted to. And yet I still have a lot of my old paper collection.

    I was reminded of why I collect yesterday, when my Blue Thunder press kit came in the mail. I got a thrill from being reminded of how we did things "back in the day," and it brought back memories of seeing the movie in the theater, and there's just something about those 8x10 black-and-white photos. :)

    Do you collect? Why?
  2. Wes R

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    I've never seen that many press kits from movies. I found some from old video games though and I may try and collect them even if i have to print the stuff on my own. I doubt many people kept game related items like they did movie ones.
  3. Lost in Trek

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    I have a number of movie and tv press kits in my collection. I too like anything prior to the digital conversion of media material.

    I use the photos to enhance my prop displays. It's also fun to read through the advertising books.
  4. Boogeyman13

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    I have a few, but they've not honestly ever been a big part of my collection.
  5. JimShine

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    Yeah, we have some press kits around. We have a 1980's Dukes of Hazzard one that is crazy rare. It was a kit that went with all the film reels when a station bought into a syndication run (not video tape). Not only are there full episode summaries and biographies, but there is tons of photos and art that was meant to be used in local TV publishings and to display on the screen.
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    I've had many over the years. They tend to not be as elaborate as they used to be. The Hellboy kit was incredible. Pixar kits for awhile were pieces of art in themselves.
    Many of the kits had both the paper and digital kits but now many are going digital. I also collect some of the swag that comes with such releases. The beginning Harry potter kits for example were just absolutely super with extras that were prop kits in themselves.

    The only other big impression I have gotten from such promotions was the ARG for Tron. That tops out the promotional features you could ever get. Although I won a couple tickets for The Avengers which was not a bad thing.
  7. Michael Bergeron

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    I have all of the Bond movies from Connery through Moore inclusive and some Star Wars kits. Not the focus of my collection but neat to have.
  8. Darth Lars

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    My dad worked with translating them. When he passed away, I threw away quite a few and saved only a couple. Perhaps I should have hung on to them ... :facepalm
  9. Scott D

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    I've had a few over the years but sold them off. The only ones I kept are for Predator and The 6th day.
  10. CB2001

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    I don't have any press kits, but I do have an interesting promotional item that I think applies to the "sending the word out" thing. When I was at MegaCon, I picked it up from a vender who had a table full of heavily discounted stuff. I only got it for about $.50. It's an open-interview record for the movie the Universal Studios movie The Warlord. It has the original evelope that it was mailed in (with postage stamps stating it was sent out on Oct. 31, 1966), the record (in pretty good condition, can't see any scratches) and the four scripts that came with it. I'm actually signed up with a collectable records forum and I asked about this, and I was told it was a good find, as there's the possibility that it may be rare (especially with the fact that the scripts for it is still there). For those who are unfamiliar with open-ended interviews records, they are something still used today. What happens is that the radio station is sent the recording and the script. The recordings is of the person being "interviewed" and the DJ makes a new recording from the the LP and edits in his portion by recording himself asking the questions in the script, and edits it to make it sound like the person is responding to their questions. Here's some pictures of it.
  11. Galactifan

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    Yes, I love those old-fashioned print press kits. I have a ton of them. Nowadays, they release digital press kits, but it's just not the same.
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    I don't have any press kits, but somewhere around here I have a set of lobby cards from The Dark Crystal. Now that I think about them, though, I have no idea where they actually are. I should probably find them, at least to make sure they're somewhere safe.. lol.
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    I know this is old, but it's an interesting discussion, so I'd like to chime in. I've only recently heard about Press Kits, and I think for ones that put in effort to make the kits a bit more unique than just the promotional disc, I think they're a great addition to our collection. I only kinda wish movies spend more time on the Press Kits nowadays the way some of the video games' Press Kits. (You should google some of the press kits of popular games such as God of War, Uncharted, Infamous, Assassin's Creed, etc. They put in so much effort).

    I recently purchased a nice Press Kit from the recent movie Cloud Atlas, and I'm pretty stoked to getting it (coming through the mail). It comes with a vinyl recording of some of its theme songs from the movie, nice quality sheet music hand signed by its composers and producers, and a movie script hand signed by the directors. And it's stored in a high quality, hard box (not a cheaply made one).

    So basically, some movies can still have some pretty cool Press Kits out there, even though they're a bit harder to find nowadays.
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