Any tips for first time sculptor?

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by DuneMuadDib, Apr 5, 2006.

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    I'm working on my first custom figure, a JLU Hal Jordan, and am having trouble with the sculpting work. I've never sculpted squat in my life, and the FIMO clay I'm working with and I aren't getting along to well. I don't seem to be able to turn it into what I visualize, and when I shape one area another gets deformed a bit and frustrates me. I'm probably being too impatient.

    Anyone have tips or whatnot for a guy sculpting his first custom action figure head?
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    This is your First Sculpture for a custom figure head, I understand that you see a lot of talented sculptors
    and artists here, & message boards, and other websites.

    Keep in mind all of them have been practicing for many years,
    they didn't get it perfect the First time :D

    My first Sculptures were very rough and didn't look as perfect as I wanted it to, I got very discouraged
    until I spoke to a few professional Sculptors in the Film industry who explained to me that they practiced
    all the time and sculpted whenever they could. Practice,Practice,Practice.

    I suggest that you take your time and learn as you go, try not to get impatient :)

    I don't use FIMO, so I sugget that you try Super Sculpey III
    (That's my preferred sculpting clay for figures).

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    Would I be better off trying to sculpt it completely out of clay, or to put something on the inside (small sphere or something) and build up around that to retain some rigidity?
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    Whatever would work better for you is my suggestion.

    If you try to sculpt it completely out of clay and you don't know
    Human Anatomy very well then it will be very difficult.

    Also make sure that you have plenty of reference,
    you can Never have too much.

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    I'd like to recommend a couple resources.

    First, there is phenomenal artists at It's a really friendly community where people go out of their way to help. It's military focused, but there are helpful tips all over the place.

    Building and Painting Scale Figures by Sheperd Paine has been extremely useful on doing conversions of existing plastic kits, sculpting new ones and paiting them. I'd be willing to sell mine to you. It's "well loved" but a good resource.

    Buy the Art S. Buck anatomical figure. It helps a ton.
    ebay listing of the Art S. Buck figure

    There are plenty of tools to choose from , but I found these two tools particularly helpful:
    Pasta machine to mix/knead clay as well as to create thin strips to create clothing.
    Clay Extruder to create specific thin strips and shapes.

    Other than that I suggest practice practice practice. I've just got into the sculpting game. I'm in the process of creating a Clone Wars ARC trooper as my first large scale piece:

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