any taken apart an Asajj Ventress sabre?

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by jediscout, Nov 10, 2011.

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    Just picked one up cheap & want to remove the blade. Before I start to tear it up, thought I'd see if anyone here has done this before--and if there are any issues I should know about before going in.
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    Really? No one's taken this apart? :confused

    Near the emitter there are 4 allen-head screws. When you unscrew one side--the opposite side spins around too--& they never loosen. I've tried holding the opposite side head stationary--but neither ever loosens. Makes me wonder if they're epoxied together inside the hilt, attach to the blade or some other secured combo that I can't see.

    To my eyes it looks like the emitter head comes off in one piece--and the hilt looks like it is seemed along a diagonal--and hidden from view under the two small plastic rods that run the length of the sabre body.

    Since the body's plastic I'm really reluctant to start prying at it. Even carefully unscrewing the allen-heads caused some slight flaking of the paint--and since it's metallic black & blue--any worse chipping will be very hard to disguise or match.

    I was thinking the next step might be drilling out the existing allen-head screws, very carefully.

    Looking up the base of the sabre into the battery connect--looks like there are 4 small screws & they're impossible to get to. Looks like I need a very small bent allen-head wrench, possibly with a star pattern to unscrew those?

    All just guesses. If some brave soul here has taken apart a Hasbro FX Asajj Ventress--pipe up and help a fellow propper out! :)

    I know there's a small biz that mods FX sabres--and that's an option--but as a prop enthusiast, who doesn't want to give it a try first? :)
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    Can anyone confirm if this blade has been removed or any company will do it?

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