Any studio AT-AT kits out there?


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Hi guys. Old member who's been away for quite sometime but getting back into modeling and have always wanted to do a large scale AT AT. However, I cannot find a kit for the life of me. I was wondering if anyone had any kits or new of anyone that was making a studio scale or larger kit to sell to individual collectors/builders. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks


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Check They've had many larger scale AT-ATs on their site. Some for sale. But might be a good place to check.


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It’s probably not studio scale, but I believe for an injection kit, the Revell 1/53 is the biggest available. Has some faults, but with a few additions and a repaint would look pretty nice.

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The Revell kit while big is pretty disappointing IMO.
There was a kit a LONG time ago buy a guy name AT-AT Ron I believe... I likely have that name somewhat wrong...

There was also a 1/48 kit (Alfred Wong Mastered), that's pretty large but its got accuracy issues - also from a long time ago. But to answer your question No - I don't think that there is a Studio Scale kit of the AT-AT out there.

There is a 40 inch one out there... Modeler's Miniatures & Magic Not sure if ILM made one at that size though... But I could (and have been) be wrong.

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