any servo gurus out there


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working on something where i require some sort of servo/elctronic gizmo to open and close something on a helmet, being virtually not able to find anything on google im shouting for some help - more than likely an iron man helmet builder may be my best source of help whom has used some electronics to do what i would think is similar to my needs.

i need the item to open on a switch, and then close via another switch - very simple up and down motions - but im guessing i need some sort of circuit/chip with a written code in it to tell the servo to move at specific rates when the relevent buttons are pushed.

ideally id be looking to purchase or have someone be able to make what i need

if anyone can help please private message me - it may be easier to be clearer on my needs - thanks guys and hope i can get what i need
Cant say im a guru, but you can get a servo controller tester, works off a dial/knob so its a DC manual operation?
Maybe contact Hyperdyne for a dedicated board though?

Visit Pololu Robotics and Electronics

You can get a digital servo microcontroller for $20. They have tutorials and instructions on how to use their products.

Then you just have to practice a little bit of programming and you are set. They also sell servos too if you are in need.
Do you need it to be a servo? Maybe I'm thinking about in a bit of roundabout method, but I would probably go with a geared (DC) motor, toggle switch with contacts on both sides (to reverse polarity), with a microswitch at the upper and lower stops that would hit the face guard and interrupt the circuit in the appropriate positions.

... I think it would work...

But, going with a servo with programed stops would be a bit more elegant.

Those of you with actual electrical knowledge can laugh now. ;)
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