Any sellers to avoid as purchasing an Ironman helmet...

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by DOORMANMATT, Feb 22, 2012.


    DOORMANMATT Active Member

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    Have cash to spend and am looking on eBay have seen hinged, eye lit, helms from £140+.

    Any sellers to avoid or recommend?

    Inbox me please guys?

  2. omel

    omel Well-Known Member

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    give pRoJectEarth7 a PM, his helmets look great
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  3. MrGzilla

    MrGzilla Well-Known Member

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    Id stay away from ebay, but I can vouch fOr projectearth7, he's a great guy and I have his helmet, it's amazing. And it's only $150 for a kit which is pretty awesome too.
  4. Kevin Gossett

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    Definitely stay away from eBay for stuff like that... Recasters everywhere. As others have mentioned, projectearth7 has a nice helmet kit, as well as Gemini Khan, jOwe, etc... Lots of great helmets here!
  5. Crank729

    Crank729 Sr Member

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    Jowe's Castings are crazy clean, so if you are not looking for a lot of paint prep, I would go with him.
  6. Finhead

    Finhead Sr Member

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    That's because it's my old sculpt, my old mold.
  7. pRoJectEarth7

    pRoJectEarth7 Well-Known Member

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    Thank you omel, MrGzilla, and KG...:$

    You may check my build thread here
    ... only thing to confirm if the size fits:)... if too small, then a lot of fantastic helmets and maker are out there in the JY... good luck!:thumbsup

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    DOORMANMATT Active Member

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    Cheers for the help guys! project; U have mail!
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  9. tk1055

    tk1055 Sr Member

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    Stay FAR FAR FAR away from MasterLe!!!
  10. isusuperman

    isusuperman Active Member

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    I have heard crazy stories about Le. And Finhead great sculpt. And projectearth7 love the thread. Do you hand sand your helmets? They look screen used.

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